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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Rush My Food?

Create an account. Enter your current address and we will show you the restaurants that deliver to that address.  

I set up my account from home.  Can I order at the office?

Absolutely!  You are always free to change the delivery area, no matter where you originally registered.  

How do I order online?

Fill your shopping cart, and then log in or create an account. Check here for our privacy policy. Rest assured we will never give out or sell your information.  

Can I add notes for the delivery?

Yes. You will have a chance to add notes for each item you order (extra spicy please) and for the driver (up the stairs, third door on the left) on checkout.  

What does it cost?

We are always free. It might even be less than ordering by phone as we have exclusive coupons. Some restaurants may charge a delivery fee, but Rush My Food doesn't charge for ordering. 

Got another question?

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